SwissMine Ltd aims to be the trusted, full-service partner for the digital currency market

By leveraging our digital currency market expertise, the SwissMine team aims to deliver innovative, competitive, secure and fully proprietary solutions for our partners. Our focus is on one single ecosystem of digital currency payments for users, merchants, payment solutions and mining operations. As a result, we have successfully developed a full suite of digital currency solutions, products and services that are ready for market.

SwissMine is based on transparency, innovation and trust. Trust is a prerequisite for success

“Swissness” is at the core of our brand offering. It implies trust, reliability, professionalism, and meticulous attention to detail. Plus, Switzerland’s deep-rooted history of banking and financial transaction expertise. Based in Zurich, Switzerland, you can be sure that everything about SwissMine is made in Switzerland – from computer coding to hardware. Everything we offer is written or owned by us.

Our aim is to make Switzerland a global central point for the adoption of digital currencies. Therefore, SwissMine has proactively initiated a dialogue with Swiss authorities to craft a proposal for self-regulation around digital currencies. The goal is to create one of the first-ever secure regulatory environments that will not only provide a stable future for digital currencies, but also provide members with peace-of-mind.